Chapter 8


Writer Notes: Since I’ve been awake before Jesus got up today, I’m not sure how well my writing skills are at the moment.  But I didn’t want you guys to wait.

Warnings: split scenes, flash backs, half nakedness, partying, inappropriate use of dead people, inappropriate relationship, and maybe some references to sims 4 related stuff.


Don and Cassandra had returned to Don’s house earlier than planned.  Though Mary-Sue and Daniel were great friends, Don knew Cassandra needed to get away.


But it was obvious when they entered his house, she still wasn’t happy.


“Are you sure?” Don asked.  “It’s getting late.”


“Cass…I-I’m sorry. I wish I knew what Malcolm’s plans are. I wish I could stop him.”


“Thank you, Don.” she finally replied.  “But we’ll settle this tomorrow…I…I have to go to my dad.”


“Right, right! He’s definitely going to need you.”





Dina was upset.  Everything had gone wrong.  Not only did she discover that Mortimer had feelings for her, but they were gone as soon as they surfaced once “Bella” was back.  She shouldn’t have been surprised.  Bella never wanted her to be happy.





“What is going on here?!” Dina demanded.  “Do you know what time it is?! If the neighbors complain AGAIN…!”


“Chill sister, it’s just a private party with some pals.” Nina shrugged.

Dina sighed and counted back from ten.  “Where is Michael?”


“Hanging out with some friends.”


Nina didn’t understand.  She never did.  Her spirit was “free” to live obviously happy.


Dina was tired, grumpy, and angry.  She didn’t have the patience to deal with her sister this night.



But once she was holding “Michael,” Dina felt her shoulders slump.  She wasn’t mad at Nina.  She was just mad at herself.  If she hadn’t stormed off or answered the phone, Mortimer and her would still be in each other’s embrace.


“Oh, Michael, what am I going to do?”


Mortimer would  be retreating back into his old ways of “finding” Bella.  He thought this movie star, Donna Cove, was her.  How could that be?  What game was Bella playing?  And Malcolm Landgraab at that?


Perhaps she was just some lookalike or maybe even cosmetically transformed to look like Bella.  It wouldn’t matter.  Mortimer’s hope of being reunited with Bella had returned.  Dina had lost her chance.


What was she going to do now?





“Hey neighbor,” Don Lothario said.

“What do you want?” Dina snapped.

“Yeesh, I guess you got the news.” he replied.  “How’s Mortimer?”


“Absolutely gleeful now that his ‘wife’ has returned.” Dina huffed.  “Even if she is Bella, I would be angry! She’s got some explaining to do.”


“Cassandra was pretty upset.” Don said.  “I want to help her, but I know if I’m there Mortimer will just make this whole thing about the abduction.”


“I’m sorry, Don.” Dina sighed.  “Tonight has been pretty messed up.”

“Yeah, I hear you. You’d think the most entertaining news would have been Mary-Sue admitting to going out with two different girls at the same time, but nope, Bella’s back!”


“Yeah, Bella’s back…” Dina sighed again.

“You don’t sound very excited?”


“I…I’m…I am, if she really is Bella, but…” Dina took a breath.

“I haven’t seen you this frazzled since senior year.”


Senior year.  A promising year of fun, love, and hope.


Perhaps the next generation would change things for the future and make the world a better place.  Dina didn’t know about that, but she did know one thing.


She was getting married.


Although she loved Michael Bachelor with all her heart, for a short while, she wondered if she was making a mistake.


“Hey, Nina…oh…Dina, why are you in here…and what are you wearing?”


“It’s none of your business and why does it matter what I’m wearing? LOOK at what YOU are wearing!”


“Ok…” Don shrugged.  “Nina wanted me to dress more appropriate for the gym.”

“She’s not going to like it.” Dina huffed.


“Dina, whatever’s gotten into you, I know it does have something to do with clothes, but I’m pretty sure it has nothing to do with mine.”


Dina sat on the bed and took a deep breath.  “I don’t know.” she said.  “I’m just a little tense I guess.  The wedding’s next week.”

“I am surprised you’re not bouncing off the walls.”


“Don’t get me wrong, Don, I am SO happy, but…”


“Is Dina Caliente getting cold feet?” he teased.

“No, no, no, nooooo.” Dina sighed. “Yes.”


“Come on, Dina, you two a great together. Doesn’t Michael make you happy? I mean, he shines like gold around you. Whoever else could you see yourself with?”


“You’re right. I’m being silly.”



“Would you say, if I wasn’t ready to be married that I would know with one kiss.”

“Sure, sure.”



“Yep, I’m ready.”


“Thanks a lot, Don, you’re such a good friend.”

“Yeah, sure…anytime?”


It was safe to say that Nina didn’t like his outfit.


“Dina, you don’t have anything to fear.” Don said.  “Some day you’ll be happy again and maybe some time soon. Keep your eyes open.”

“Thanks Don.”


But Dina knew that ship had already sailed out to sea and she had waved it good-bye.


But Nina was a different story.  She was waaay too happy.  Dina would just have to do something about that.




Cassandra Goth was lost in her thoughts.  What had happened early that night was a bombshell and she knew, even at this state, something was terribly wrong.


Her “mother” was back: glamorous, beautiful, and the talk of every conversation over a nice pot of coffee.  Cassandra wasn’t as excited as everyone else.


She was smart enough to know it had something to do with where her life was now.  Bella was not apart of that life.  Not that she didn’t miss her mother and not that she didn’t want her father to be happy and not so alone, Cassandra felt this whole charade was just that, a charade.


So she went to the only place she knew where there was space to think.


Yet she knew, even here, she would not be alone.


As long as she didn’t turn around he would stay and maybe answer some of her questions.


“But Dad said that YOU said she was neither alive or dead.” Cassandra began.  “What does that mean? Is this ‘Bella’ walking around just some zombie?”


“No.” It breathed.  “As I told your father, I did not ferry her to the other side. There are other ways for her to disappear.  Perhaps, you should be patient and find out for yourself.”


“I don’t want to! Tell me now!” she yelled.


She shouldn’t have turned around.



Darren Dreamer was stuck between red and green apples.  On one hand, he was finally moving on with his life and following his dream.  On the other, his dream was expensive and he was broke.  All his savings were gone, but Darren wasn’t giving up.  He was going to be a famous artist.


It was hard though.  He was being harassed by some scary people, like Malcolm Landgraab, for their money.  Darren often feared the repoman’s van would show up any day.  But, Darren continued on.  Maybe some day soon someone would recognize his potential.


Green apples it was for now.


Darren was trying to get out of the store in a hurry, but a voice stopped him.  Someone he had been avoiding for quite awhile.


“Cassandra! How are you?”


Cassandra Goth had lived down the road all her life.  Most would call her strange and off-putting, but the Dreamers considered about of their family.  She had tutored Dirk since he could talk.


And often she schooled him at video games too.


But it was after the tragic death of Darren’s wife Darleen that Cassandra started to become too involved.


There were good moments like Cassandra hooking up Darren with her Aunt Dina’s therapy group for widowers.


It was a small group, but these were people who had lost like Darren had.


He felt comfortable sharing all his troubles, fears, and tears with those people.  They helped him in so many ways: got him back on his feet, on track, and living, but it was Cassandra that led him to paint again.


Cassandra, herself, enjoyed art.  She often spoke to Darren how it enabled her to express herself when no one else could understand her.  Darren agreed.  After a little time, he picked up his brushes and a fresh canvas.


His dream was reborn.  Darren was on his way to being an artist, maybe a starving one, but at least he would be happy.


Thanks to Cassandra.


And that’s when Darren knew, he was in love.


Cassandra, of course, was only a teenager then.  It felt wrong and weird and he could never be that man, but now she was full grown.


“How are you doing?” Darren asked.  “The kids and I saw the news. Is she really…?

“Dad’s trying to get in contact with the director and his producers. We won’t know until we meet her.” Cassandra replied.


“I don’t know Cassandra. It is wonderful news, but it seems too good to be real.” he said.  “If I were in your shoes and Darleen…well, I don’t know what I would do or how I would feel.”


“It’s definitely complicated.” Cassandra giggled.

“Well, give my best to your dad.” Darren smiled.

“I will.”


Darren still felt perplexed, but he at least knew what he wanted.


Additional: In each chapter, I will try to feature a career that Pat Newbie is working on to keep with the Bustin’ Out theme.  I completely messed up and forgot about her! Oh noes!  Well…maybe next time.  You can find information about Bustin’ Out and the main story’s careers HERE.


27 Responses to Chapter 8

  1. No Pat Newbie ? Strangely, I did not notice until I read the “Additional” … so i’ts not a big problem.
    The chapter was enough excellent, even without Pat. 🙂
    I love how the arrival of Donna upsets everybody. I’m so impatient to see Mortimer & Cassie meeting Donna.
    Myshra –

  2. Interesting Chapter! The TS4 reference was really clever! I love how Cassie wasn’t afraid to sass the Grim Reaper. 🙂

  3. Spooky says:

    I actually swore out loud when I got to the end and realized it was over.
    So then I read it again and cursed once more, because god damn, your pictures are beautiful. This is everything a Sims story should be.

  4. ivaristal says:

    TS4-like Don made my day! XD
    This chapter was cool. As always. Dammit, I can’t find proper words to express what I feel, so I just type that I like your story very-very-very-VERY much! ^_^

  5. nestadaughter says:

    This chapter has to be my favourite so far! You included so many cool stuff, like Don’s outfit of doom, Grim Reaper, and that scene with Dina kissing Don which I absolutely love, and Michael hanging out with friends probably shouldn’t amuse me as much as it did, but yeah… (The urn with sunglasses, oh my!)
    And I didn’t notice there was no Pat until the additional as well.

    • mdpthatsme says:

      Pat will just have to work a double shift in the next chapter I guess 😦
      I was trying to think of some clever way to explain the kiss between Don and Dina from their memories because my Dina would never have anything to do with Don romantically.
      Urn Michael is killer 😉

  6. Nine Yellow says:

    Hahaha, Don’s reaction “What are you wearing?” reminds me of Whattheskell’s, after it has turned out Dina has a baseball shirt. And those references are just great XD Also Mike hanging out with friends made me smile (he even had a cup of juice). Great chapter, I like Grim’s TS3 look!
    Wcif Cassandra’s striped shirt?

  7. rhys says:

    i have a few questions 1 is Dina interested in Mortimer’s money at all 2 is Bella’s character meant to be sorta mean can’t tell 3 is it possible that Bella might comeback yes or no but don’t give away plot details but do you think it could maybe happen 4 is Daniel gonna have an affair with the maid forgot her name or is it already happening? sorry about super long question

    • mdpthatsme says:

      1. No, but I do believe she would be relieved not to worry about bills or the repoman.
      2. In my story she’s a celebrity so she has that “snooty” trait. Some may interpret that as “mean” or “better than you” attitude.
      3. May or may not. Anything is possible.
      4. At this point in the story, Kaylynn is just his maid.

  8. rhys says:

    when is the next part?

  9. rhys says:

    is dina and Mortimer involved romantically involved

  10. anonyme says:

    Hi !
    You’ve done a great job !
    I’m coming for the news: Have you recovered the losts elements from your last computer to continue the editing of the story ?
    If yes, when the next chapter will comes on the blog ? 🙂
    Thanks !
    (Sorry for the possible grammaticals mistakes, I’m french and I’m learning english).

    • mdpthatsme says:

      I am stilling looking for a new computer, but the list is narrowing down. So I am not sure when the next chapter will come out. Hopefully before the end of the year!

  11. Anna says:

    x Daniels hair
    x Cassandra’s hair (when she is an adult)
    x Eyebrows
    x Make-up (Blush and eyeliner)
    x Don’s hair
    x Don’s outfit in the first 9 pictures

    Your story is great! xx

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