Chapter 6


Writer Notes: Like a good neighbor, S2Bo is here XD

Warnings: creepy doctor, half naked Sims, backflashes, arguing, Fries-head, tear stains, and really, really red walls.


Don Lothario always wanted to be a doctor, even when he was little.  He grew up watching the soap operas of the cute doctor always getting the pretty nurse.  He wanted a life like that, but without all the other drama.


But instead of getting that pretty nurse, he seemed to attract only psycho red heads lately.


Not that Circe Beaker really wanted anything to do with him…except maybe cut him open and eat his liver.


But there were other red heads that made his splines reticulate.


It could go either way with Nina Caliente.  Best night of your life or one you would regret forever.


For Don, it was a two parter.  He had dated Nina since freshman year of college.  They were a “power” couple on campus, but around senior year everything seemed to change.  It all started at that dinner party.


Bella Goth was there.




He was one of her biggest fans.



And he didn’t want to let her go.









And it would cost him everything they had.





Nina had always lingered throughout his many other relationships, but with Cassandra it was different.  He was committed to her and Nina didn’t approve.  Perhaps she was jealous.  Whatever the issue was, Don had had enough.


“After the little stunt you pulled, I don’t want you anywhere near Cassandra or Mortimer.” Don began, trying to control his anger but failing.

“Aw, did he yell at you?” Nina snickered.


“That wasn’t your place, Nina.” he returned.  “Cassandra and I had a plan and you blew it out of proportion. Stay away from us and out of our lives!”


“Excuse me? She’s my niece and I think I have a right to protect her from you!” Nina spat.

“She’s a grown woman!” Don replied.  “She’s perfectly able to make her own decisions. I didn’t force her to go out with me.”


“Like you didn’t force Bella on your condo roof? Think about what you’re doing, Don. What you did to that family. Where is this going to go, but disaster?”


“I didn’t do anything to Bella!” he yelled then took a breath, counting back from ten.  “Look, whatever you’re planning, don’t. Cassandra and I are happy.  Leave us alone!”


“I know what makes you happy, Don Lothario.” she smirked. “And it’s not wholesome or innocent.”

Nina, please.”


“How long can you put up this charade?” she asked in a whisper.  “When you screw up, I’ll be there, smiling.”




Mortimer wanted to have it all again, but he wasn’t sure if she was ready.


He had always adored Dina Caliente.  She was charismatic and crafty with a head full of passion and a heart of gold.  They were easy friends.


And at one time, family.  But both of their loved ones were long gone.


And Dina still remained at his side.  She was always there to help, even for the slightest of things.  If there was ever another he held close to his heart, it was most definitely her.


After years of pure delusion that Bella was still alive, Mortimer wanted to move on.  Wouldn’t Bella want that?  For Mortimer to happy?


Dina made him happy.


It was about time for him to make her happy in return.


“What do you think of making an experiment?” he asked.

“What kind of experiment? Do I have to touch a bug?” Dina shuttered.


“No, no, no, unfortunately no.” Mortimer weakly smiled.  “I was thinking more of a Sim experiment, my dear. Two Sims who are very fond of each other and have suffered tremendous losses, but are overcoming such tragedy. They could do this together and find happiness within each other once again.”


“Sounds romantic.” Dina giggled.

“Yes, yes it could be.” Morimter nodded.



“Wait! Are you talking about us?” Dina asked.  “We’ve both suffered tremendous losses and are great friends.”


“Excellent observation skills, my dear.”


“Oh, Morty, you’re so sweet.”



“Whoa…whoa…” Dina quickly moved away. “You’re serious?”

“Of course, my dear, why wouldn’t I be?”


“But what about searching for Bella?” she asked.

“I think it’s time to put it behind us.” Mortimer solemnly replied. “My beautiful Bella is long gone and I’ve finally come to terms with that.”


Dina shook her head.  “Morty…no…”

“But Dina…”


“I…I need some air.”


Dina didn’t owe Bella Goth anything, but she was fearful of being left in her shadow.  Why was it then that Dina didn’t want to give up the search for her sister-in-law?”


Bella hadn’t liked Dina from the moment they met.  She was over half Michael’s age, naive, and obviously a gold-digger to Bella.  Yet Michael didn’t make the big simoleons, not like Mortimer.


For awhile Bella let Dina have the benefit of a doubt.  She quickly became quite close with Cassandra.


But more disturbing to Bella with Mortimer.  So many times did she want to stomp her feet and throw a fit or worse, Bella managed to keep her cool.


Then she let her new “sister” join her entourage.  It seemed that Dina would do anything to take the spotlight.


And it didn’t take long for Bella to get tired of it.




Though she was too stubborn to ever admit she was wrong or even apologize, Bella felt torn.



…and nauseous.



And it would be Dina who noticed this changed in Bella.


“What are you doing out here by yourself?” Dina asked.  “Michael’s got a fun filled tale of the Freezerbunny’s Quest to Stop Time.”

“That’s ok.” Bella replied. “I’m fine.”


“Oh come on! You can voice the flamingos.” Dina teased.

“Dina, I’m pregnant.”



“Really?!” Dina was about to congratulate her when she noticed that Bella wasn’t celebrating.


Bella was worried how Mortimer would react and how it would impact her job.  She had just started getting more roles of late and was scared of losing them.


But Dina talked her through it.  All she needed was someone to tell her it was all right and would be there if she needed them.  Someone like a sister.


For Dina, it was like being accepted.


“And what’s going on in here?” Mortimer had to ask.


Things would never be the same again.



All these years later, Dina still wavered on Bella’s approval.



“Hi, Brandi, this isn’t a good time.” Dina said answering her phone.  “Why…uh huh…what! Wait, wait, just a minute!”



“Dina, please let me say this first.” he interrupted.


“I’m a silly man. I shouldn’t have been so forward.” he said.  “I never stopped to think about your feelings and your grief. I just…I’m sorry, Dina.”


“Mortimer…no, it’s ok. It really is, but right now we need to do something more important.” Dina replied.

“Oh? And what is that, my dear?”



“It’s her.”


“In addition to announcing the actors who will portray Bella and Mortimer in Malcolm Landgraabs’s movie about Bella’s life, they released a poster:Who is Bella Goth?”



Additional: In each chapter, I will try to feature a career that Pat Newbie is working on to keep with the Bustin’ Out theme.  In this chapter her featured career was Slacker.  You can find information about Bustin’ Out and the main story’s careers HERE.


21 Responses to Chapter 6

  1. WONDERFUL !!! *-*
    I really like Dina’s character, she’s not just the silly gold digger she’s supposed to be, and the poster at the end … lovely !
    I didn’t see Pat, on which picture is she ? =o

  2. I had to take a break from hiatus to comment on my favorite simstory! Anywho, loved loved the chapter! I gotta say… when Bella isolated Dina from that group, I felt bad for Dina!

    • mdpthatsme says:

      I’ll have to add that to my list of achievements. Had a fellow simmer break away from hiatus to read sim story. Check 😉
      It was Skell who opened me up to that idea of Bella mistreating Dina and it does make sense in both of our universes.
      Thanks for the comment!

  3. Kard says:

    You did really well with this chapter, I can’t wait until the next one:) Sorry I have a few questions.

    1) Who is in Bella’s entourage?
    2) What career was Pat Newbie working on in this chapter?
    3) Who was the sim in the wheel chair and the sim standing behind her? Or were they only background characters/townies?
    4) WCIF Michael’s outfits? (the blue long-sleeve shirt with jeans and the blue t-shirt with jeans)
    5) WCIF Don’s facial hair?

  4. Nine Yellow says:

    Oh nooo, I have to wait & wonder! :3

    Amazing take on Dina/Morty. Really. I hate this pairing, but in your story it’s just… like it should be 🙂

  5. Nine Yellow says:

    Ah, who’s the woman on the wheelchair on the first pic?

    • Nine Yellow says:

      Ok, nevermind, you’ve answered it before :]

      Wow, on the film poster there’s written “Woody Tutti” and “Donna Cove”! Don’t know what to think!

      • mdpthatsme says:

        It took me a good while to decide who should be Morty but Woody is pale and has black hair and being an extra from the real bustin out gave him lots of points. It’s hard to pair Morty with anyone but Bella but…Dina is a good second 😉
        Thanks for the comments!

  6. Kirby says:

    So I sort of pride myself on being something of a serial lurker in this community, and I may be completely out of my depth here, however, I had to break my silence to tell you that this story is sheer magnificence! I love how to mesh the characters together so seamlessly and – irregardless of the dozens of other maxis-character-centered stories rotating around the community – they each have a unique story to tell. Kudos!!! Oh, also, your CC is awesome! Just wanted to point that out while I’m out of the crypt 😀

    • mdpthatsme says:

      Awww, thank you, thank you! Who’s awesome, you’re awesome 😀
      I do read many other “maxis match” stories to get different concepts of each character, but I’ve never really paid that much attention to what is the “real” canon. I think about real life and how communities work, how people react to certain situations, and how big events will impact them.
      Maybe one day I’ll post a picture of my notes so everyone can see exactly how much time I’ve spent on just piecing everything together! HAHA!
      Stay out of the crypt and hang out for awhile 😉

  7. Nine Yellow says:

    I swear it’s my last comment, but after reading this for the 4th time I have to ask – who are the guys in Nina’s bed and WCIF her flashback party hair 😀

  8. Pingback: Growing UP Don | Sims 2 Bustin' Out

  9. great says:

    wcif dinas dripping eyeliner?

  10. catchingfire says:

    This is better and better , this story is really amazing ! You have talent and a lot of creativity ! Just on question, WCIF Dina’s long hair with braid ?

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