Chapter 5


Writer Notes: It’s been so long! I know!  But it is here and enjoy 🙂

Warnings: daydreaming, revealing clothes, arguing, mild violence, and teenagers. They’re everywhere.


Ever since that news broadcast about that maid and her employer, many frowned on the original uniforms of the maids in SimValley.


Daniel kind of missed them.


“Mr. Pleasant!” Kaylynn gasped.  “I…I didn’t hear you come in.”

Kaylynn Langerak was a sweet girl and quite beautiful, but Daniel had a suspicion she didn’t know how beautiful she was.


“Didn’t know I needed to make an entrance into my own bedroom.” he teased.

“Right, sir. Sorry, sir.” she quickly replied.  “I’m…done here, unless there’s anything else you need?”


Many would say Daniel Pleasant had it all.


The family, house, pool, nice car, and the dream job.  He would agree.  He does have it all.


“Nah, it doesn’t take that much to please me.” he shrugged.  “Mary-Sue may have more for you to do.”

She nodded and headed for the door, every step not wasted in Daniel’s eyes.






“Hiiii, Mrs. Pleasant, just tidied up the bedroom.” Kaylynn said.  “On my way to the kitchen.”


Mary-Sue said not a word to Kaylynn.  She probably didn’t even hear her over the blasting in her ear.


Kaylynn knew she was invisible to Mary-Sue.  Most were to the ever stature of Mrs. Pleasant.  Kaylynn knew she could use that to her advantage one day, if such a day was ever to present itself.


But she wasn’t invisible to everyone.


The Pleasant twins also shared this house and teenagers were nothing, but trouble.


Angela was the ambitious, little bookworm with nothing, but hopes and dreams for the future.  She wanted to be a fishing boat captain and often daydreamed about the seas.


Lilith was the artist and had most of the bad habits between the two of them.  She had heart underneath all that misunderstood persona and wrote the most beautiful poetry Kaylynn had ever read.


“Who’s up for a snack?”



Cassandra, you know better.” Mary-Sue hissed into the phone.  “What would your mother think?”


“Don’t play a fool!” she continued.  “You purposely missed every opportunity to take action!”


“Hold on, hold on!” Mary-Sue shouted into the phone with one foot into the bathroom.  She turned on her heel and looked over at Daniel.  “You have a late practice today with that new upcoming star remember?”


“I remember.” Daniel said, but Mary-Sue was already back to her phone call.  Daniel sighed and grabbed his gear.








When Daniel arrived home, everyone was in their places.  He hopped into a hot shower and came back and nothing had changed.


Sometimes the Pleasants with rather boring people, but Daniel knew how to find excitement in his own little world.




“Daniel? Have you heard a word I’ve said?”


Mary-Sue shook her head.  “Cassandra and Don will be coming over for dinner Friday.” she said.  “I’ll have the girls go stay with John and Jennifer or something.”

“Oh…ok?” Daniel managed.


Kaylynn was sure to take advantage of the awkward silence.  “I’m done, Mrs. Pleasant.”

Mary-Sue just blinked at her.  “Would you like me to come over tomorrow early so I’ll be done before your dinner?” Kaylynn asked.

“That’ll be fine.” Mary-Sue said.


“Have a good night.” Daniel said.  Kaylynn felt bitter as she headed for the exit.  It wasn’t the mess she cleaned or how Mary-Sue didn’t understand the maid service daily fee.  It was the fact that Kaylynn could tell this was a very unhappy family, but they didn’t.


What happened to Mary-Sue? She use to have such compassion and love.


ScreenShot041 (4)

Then she got married and everything seemed to change at once.  Maybe she wanted to live up to the Pleasant name?  Or show them all, she was better?  It would have worked if she didn’t keep losing all her jobs.


But now Daniel was stuck.  He knew all Mary-Sue wanted to do was succeed and make them all proud of her, but he already was.  No matter how hard he tried, she just couldn’t see that.  And it was breaking his heart.




There are plenty of teens that would tell you that school was designed for unmoral, self-loathing chaos.  They would be right.  But others would tell you that school was the happiest days of their lives.


Something was terribly wrong with those people.


Angela only saw school as a competition.  From sports to just plain attention, someone had to one UP the other.


Even if it was nonsense or damaging, this competition grew from evil.


And lust.


But Angela had a reputation and everyone respected her.


But then she did something none of them expect and dived into a world away from her books and into trouble.


Dustin Broke was that trouble.  It was hard to believe such a nice guy like Dustin was considered fiendish and hopeless.  She only saw potential.


Perhaps that was her downfall.  She always looked on the bright side.


Everything stemmed from extremes during these years.  Extreme infatuation or frustration.


How teens handled on those hormones without exploding was beyond science and beyond SimGod.  But, of course, they didn’t always control it.


“Johnny Smith, you’re a no good, alien scum cheater!”


“And Tank Grunt, you’re an ignorant, borderline psychopath, daddy’s boy!”


They were the ruiners of those happy days.


Angela hated violence.  She hated just arguing.  It was pointless and sometimes scary.


This was the scary version.  When rivals meet in the halls of SimValley’s high school, there could only be trouble.  Perhaps they didn’t understand their bickering affected others.


Especially those closest to them.


When you’re torn between family and friends, who do you choose?


Though it was a fact that Tank always started the fights, he never once touched Johnny first.  Was it a point he was trying to make?  That Johnny could not control himself?  But what was clear, this anger rooted from his father.


And it had nothing to do with Johnny.




Many couldn’t understand why Brandi chose Skip Broke.  He had nothing going for him.


Yet, she chose him.  He was kind and warming, she said, but no one believed her.


Skip lived in the back alleys of life and had made quite the name for himself on the streets.  He was the petty thief used by big times like Malcolm Landgraab as expendable as one dollar bills.


Yet with this knowledge, Brandi married him.


And had two boys, Dustin and Beau.


Dustin was just like his dad in so many ways.  The back alleys were his home.  Skip taught his son everything he knew.  Perhaps he would take on his dad’s trade and make a legacy out of it.


Brandi didn’t utter a word.  They were so happy after all.  She didn’t understand why everyone was so worried.


Until that phone call.


They said that Skip wasn’t able to find a ladder to escape and drowned.  It didn’t make sense to Brandi.  Why was he in the water? What happened to the ladder?  What was she going to do now?


She decided to focus on her family first.  Dustin primarily.  He had already grown in his father’s shadow and Brandi couldn’t have that now.  No more, she insisted.  The Brokes were no longer going to be crooks.


Dustin didn’t care what his mom said.  He was continuing his dad’s legacy.  Wasn’t that all that mattered?  Making sure Skip’s name wasn’t forgotten?


Brandi feared what happened to her husband would surely happened to her son.  She had to stop it and Dustin would hate her for it.  But that didn’t matter.


It was time for hard choices and a new life.


“Today at SimPictures, Malcolm Landgraab revealed the actors who would play the leading roles in his movie about Bella Goth.”

72 73


“Dina, turn on the TV.”


Additional: In each chapter, I will try to feature a career that Pat Newbie is working on to keep with the Bustin’ Out theme.  In this chapter her featured career was Jock.  You can find information about Bustin’ Out and the main story’s careers HERE.


18 Responses to Chapter 5

  1. ivaristal says:

    I like your story very much! Especially the way you filled the empty space in canon, that’s wonderful! Rainelle’s double life, Skip’s past and Dustin’s choice…Many of your finds are awesome! Just like Lola as psychologist and General Buzz as her patient.

    • mdpthatsme says:

      Thanks so much! I definitely have a lot of notes on how everyone ties together and what conflicts could happen between them 😀

      • Nine Yellow says:

        Hahaha, I also love to imagine how Sims from different towns are connected with one another – the simplest example is my headcanon friendship between Florence Delarosa and Natasha Una and Nina being Michael’s best friend in the past.

  2. Ermahgerd, I’m mad I’m finished, u can’t wait for more. I wonder who’s playing bella, is it fake bella? This was a great chapter. I’m glad it took you longer it was worth the wait, looking forward to the next one

  3. Wow, this was seriously great! Your storytelling never ceases to amaze me! I really love the shot of Dustin, Gvaudoin, and the other “bad kids”! I look forward to seeing the dinner the Pleasants are having with Cassie and Don that Mary-Sue mentioned! Great stuff!

  4. jean says:

    Another fabulous chapter from you 8D this story gets more & more awesome all the time.

    Hmm…seems Tank def has an objective there – & it goes beyond Johnny it seems.

    Wow that’s an awesome back story description for the Brokers, but…I wonder what Brandi’s doing calling Dina?

    The plot thickens like peanut butter 8D

  5. Nine Yellow says:

    Tank and Phi! Am I right?
    Amazing (as always) 😀 Meadooow, I don’t know why I like her, but I do. Lilith as an artistic soul? It’s good for a misfit like her. But personally, for me Angie is more misfit than her sister – with all the perfect manners and so on.
    I have a little question. I know lot of Simmers have Sims from every neighborhood in one (or every?) of them – how? Is this a trick with InSimenator or something?

    • mdpthatsme says:

      We use uberhoods by meetmebytheriver:
      I love Meadow. To me, she’s very sweet and full of sunshine.
      Lilith is, as canon by Maxis, is presumed the misunderstood. While Angela is Miss Perfect and such and such. Though Lilith does have her “bad” times, I think Angela’s association with Dustin would bring her more trouble than her sister as Dirk would be the voice of reason in that relationship.

      • Nine Yellow says:

        Thanks 🙂
        I always thought Ophelia is the creative one (Ripp steals her poems and turns them to songs sometimes 😛 ). Also in my headcanon the girls used to be really close when they were kids, and they’ll get back together after Angie finds out Daniel’s affair.

  6. mdpthatsme says:

    Twins are generally close, no matter how much teen movies try to make them look at odds. I play Angela and Lilith as sisters. They don’t always get along, they’re not always interested in the same things, but when push comes to shove, they’ll be there for each other.

  7. Oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god !!! I WAS EXPECTING THAT FOR A WHILE !!! =D
    It was good to wait, espcially when I saw the actors at the end. I just recognize Fanny Adore (for Dina ?) and … is that Oberon ?

  8. Cornelia Goth ? Simply delicious … =D

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