Chapter 4


Writer Notes: Ok, yay! Here it is, now I can get ready for work DX

Warnings: a lot of insight, inner troubles, prejudice, some language, and a lot of mixed in scenes.


“Whatever I do, I’m wrong.”


“Doesn’t matter even if I’m right.” Hannah Bell said.  “Sharon can think what she wants, but I know she’s got a crush on that John Mole.”


“It’s pretty obvious from the way she looks at him…well…through our windows.”


Buzz Grunt didn’t hear anything the talkative secretary said.  He reflected on how he ended up in this waiting room.


Three months ago everything was peaceful.


He had a lovely family: three boys and a beautiful wife named Lyla.


It was rare to find the one Sim that completed you, but Buzz had found her.


His life was dedicated to the military from work to home, where his eldest son wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps.  Buzz was proud.  These were the happiest days of his life.


But one car accident stole all that happiness from him.


Buzz tried to keep the family going as it always had: work and school, and dinner at 6:30.  He knew he could never give them what they had before, but he would try to do all he could for the boys.


Tank was tough.  As the oldest of the boys, Buzz expected him to presume role as leader and motivator for his brothers.  He would be in charge when Buzz worked long hours and would instruct what chores each brother was to do.


Buzz also did not want Tank to give up on his dream to be in the military.  So he built a training course for Tank and others that wanted to join.


Buzz knew Ripp would be a challenge.


He was lazy and gluttonous. It was obvious he did not want anything to do with the family “ways,” rather the opposite.  He had no career path, no strive to be anything, but a couch potato.  Buzz often called him the Slacker, which unfortunately made Ripp settled for a slacker career track.


So perhaps Tank would follow in his footsteps and Ripp would become a big disappointment, but where did that leave the youngest Grunt brother, Buck?


Buzz knew he had to someway pay Buck special attention, but at this time, he would let Tank and Ripp handle their brother until he could make a plan for him.


Perhaps that was Buzz’s problem.  He always had a plan.


But when something unexpected happened, like new neighbors moving down the street, there was no way for Buzz to adjust the plan.


He had to just roll with it.



But there was also danger to the unexpected.



Sometimes Buzz couldn’t handle it.


And would make terrible mistakes.


Often those mistakes would follow him to work where his frustration would finally explode.


That’s what landed him in this waiting room, an official order from his superiors to work on his “mental” health.


“You’re right doctor! It’s not the food. It’s me!”


28 30

“Ok, General, you can go in now.”





Jenny Smith knew a lot about risk.


Most of her family were alien-hybrids.  And she was married to the father of her step-sisters.  Most Sims could not handle this information and shunned the Curious-Smith family.


So they moved to the most secluded place in SimValley, where Jenny’s brothers could work on their alien traffic research and Jenny could have her dream house.


But still, with a new neighborhood and new Sims, Jenny was worried, mostly for her children: Jill and Johnny.  Jill was young and oblivious to the prejudice of other Sims.  They were oblivious of her too unless she was with some of her family members, like Johnny.


Johnny was in his senior year of high school so he was use to the name calling.  That didn’t mean he could completely tune it out, but he would not sulk to their level.  Still Johnny was a “Popularity” Sim and that meant he wanted friends.


Ophelia was his first real friend.  She was “into” strange things as she lived with her aunt, a Professional Party Guest, who also owned her own personal graveyard.  Johnny didn’t feel that strange after getting to know Ophelia.  For the first time in his life, Johnny felt normal.


It was Ophelia who made him feel this so naturally he admiration for her became romantic.


But he was scared also.  Graduation was soon.  Would their relationship continue, even if they went to different colleges?


Jenny would let Johnny figure out that relationship, but she was concerned with others.


Johnny and Jill had befriended Grunts.


Ripp and Buck were very nice boys.  Jenny liked them a lot.  They accepted the Curious-Smiths without prejudice, like they hadn’t even noticed their green skin.


But that was not true for all of the Grunts.


Jenny had hoped this town would be different.  It seemed, however, that it didn’t matter where they went, someone would have a problem with their family.


Jenny was about tired it.  If she knew it would do more good than hurt, she would sit down with the Grunts and sort out all this nonsense.  But, she knew better.  No amount of talking would change the mind of prejudice pig like Buzz Grunt.


“So,” her husband began.  “are you ready for your big day?”


“I don’t know why, but I’m just so nervous to go back to work. It’s been so long.” Jenny honestly replied.


“You’ll do great.” P.T. smiled.

“How are you so sure?” she asked.


“Because no one is a better nurse than you, Jenny. Just look at how happy our family is.”


Perhaps her skills weren’t what worried her, but what the other people thought.  She knew it was silly to care about others’ opinions, but for once, Jenny wanted others just to accept her.


Then she saw Circe.  “Jenny Curious! It’s been too long.”


Circe was a college girlfriend of Jenny’s younger brother Vidcund.  She was always so off-putting and not in the good way.


“Yeah, it’s been a long time.” Jenny replied, but added in her head: but not long enough.



It was all work and no play for Vidcund Curious.


Jenny would say he worked so much to tune out reality.  He would roll his eyes and say work was his reality.


Perhaps no one else would take this as serious as him.  Bella Goth was out there and he would find her.  He owed that much to Mortimer for all that he had done for the Curious Brothers’ research.


Yet, Vidcund felt he was the only one working, the only one who cared.  Space was giant.  How long would it take to find that spacecraft that had taken Bella?


“Duuuude,” Lazlo called.  “I’m here. I’ll take over. Go rest, Vid.”


“You’re late!” Vidcund spat.  “This is the third time, Lazlo, and it’s unacceptable.”

“Chill, Viddy.” his brother chuckled.  “I had this date cleared a week in advance by Pascal.”


“Besides, the stars aren’t going anywhere.” Lazlo shrugged.  “Anyways, Pascal said you needed to rest so go down stairs and sit with prego.”


Vidcund blinked at his brother for a moment then sighed.  “Just don’t fall asleep this time.”


Lazlo wasn’t dependable anymore, not since he starting dating that girl.  Vidcund was already thinking of someone to replace him.  If they had the proper funding, Vidcund could think of twenty people more suitable for this job than his brother.  They definitely needed the help.


Especially since Pascal couldn’t climb the stairs anymore.  With the extra funding, Vidcund, would also build an elevator so Pascal wouldn’t have to climb all those stairs.


He was demoted to searching for weird or interesting news stories.  “Anything useful?” Vidcund had to ask.

“Nope, just that Malcolm Landgraab is on a repo spree. He just raided the city hall and took back everything he ‘loaned’ them.”


“What’s up with stars?” Pascal asked.

Vid just sighed.

“That bad?”


“Space is fine,” he finally replied.  “He need to talk about Lazlo.”

It was Pascal’s turn to sigh.


“Lazlo’s allowed to have a personal life.”


“Not when it’s distracting him from our work.” Vidcund countered.

“I know this speech.” Pascal said.  “This doesn’t have anything to do with Lazlo. It’s about you.”



“Yep, you’re not over Circe.” Pascal smirked.  “Vid, she’s moved on, even got married to Loki Beaker, I hear. Don’t you think it’s about time you let go and live a little?”


Vidcund stood up in a huff.  They were making this about something it wasn’t.  This wasn’t about him or Circe.  This was about…

Bella Goth, they’re making a movie about her.” Pascal announced.  “That’s a bit interesting, wouldn’t you say?”



Different day, same argument, Kristen Loste would say.  Erin Beaker and Chloe Curious would never get along.  Some would say it was because they were so different.  Kristen would say, it’s because they’re a lot alike.


Both were very playful and were outspoken about their opinions.  Chloe had it a little harder though because she was obviously green and had a hard time getting a job.  It was one thing that Erin loved to throw in Chloe’s face.


But Erin didn’t have to worry about money.  Her brother, Loki, and her had gotten quite the handsome inheritance from their parents and lived happily coasting off all that money.  She had never worked a day in her life.  Chloe often called her the Spoiled Brat.


It was an argument that never ended and Kristen was quite tired of it.  “Oh look, Lola just pulled up in the driveway.”


“Everything looks normal…”


“But I know better.” Lola said.

“What’s up with her?” Chloe asked.

“I don’t know.”


“Sooo, how was work?” Erin asked.

“Interesting.” Lola answered.  “I thought that Julien Cooke’s obsession with the perfect recipe would be the highlight of my day, but I was dead wrong.”





“General Buzz Grunt?” Erin shook her head.  “I’m so sorry, that must have been terrible!”

“I’ve been through worse.” Lola shrugged.


“If I didn’t know that Jenny wouldn’t bail me out, I’d so go over there and kick his ass!” Chloe exclaimed.

“I don’t think that would help the tension between you two.” Kristen mumbled.


“Chloe, you will do nothing.” Lola began.  “I’ve talked to his superiors and they want this to happen. At first I didn’t want to do it, but the more I thought about it…the more I realized it’s just what he needs. If he can open up to me, then perhaps his hate will die down.”


“Well, if anyone can get under his skin and fix this guy, it’s you Lola!” Erin smiled.

“Thanks for the support. I hope I have enough patience to deal with a man like Buzz.”


“And how was your day?” Chloe asked.

87 88


Additional: In each chapter, I will try to feature a career that Pat Newbie is working on to keep with the Bustin’ Out theme.  In this chapter her featured career was Paramilitary.  You can find information about Bustin’ Out and the main story’s careers HERE.


17 Responses to Chapter 4

  1. Jean says:

    Well well…if this isn’t an interesting turn of events. I do wonder how Buzz will respond to the treatment by Lola? ^^

  2. Kard says:

    The story is good I was up reading all of the chapters once I got in from class. Keep up the good work I hope to see more of Pat but I know you’re going in a specific route for this story.

    [1] Is Pat Newbie a teen in the obstacle course picture? If she is a teen would she be the same age as Johnny? Or a couple of years older?

    [2] For the next few chapters are you cycling through Strangetown and their families?

    [3] Who appeared in the picture with Buzz at work? I know it was one of the Cordial sisters, but did Matthew Picaso appear in that photo?

    [4] Who were the sims that attended Lyla’s funeral? Is Olive in that picture with the hat? I wasn’t sure who the older woman was.

    [5] Along with Jenny, Circe, and Don Lothario, who were the other sims working in the hospital?

    [6] Did you always decide to do the Bustin’ Out Story this way? Or at one point were you only going to do The Sims Bustin’ Out?

    [7] How many chapters do you have written?


    • Thank you!
      1: Pat is an adult and she is 18, so yeah, a year older than Johnny.
      2: I actually haven’t decided who will be in the next chapter. I’ll have to to look at my notes. It’ll probably go back to the Pleasantview Sims though.
      3: Kimberly Cordial, John Mole, Buzz Grunt, Joe Carr, Goopy Gilscarbo, and Matthew Picaso.
      4. The Specter (Olive, in the hat, and Ophelia) family attended. Olive attended mostly because it’s her graveyard.
      5: Brandi Broke, Samantha Ottomas, and Sharon Wirth
      6: If I did the story like the game Bustin’ Out…I’d have to make all the lots and sims from that game and it would be a pretty straight forward story. Newbie gets job promotions and knocks off Malcolm Landgraab. I could do streaming pictures of all the little extra missions, but I thought this way would be better because then I can muck around with the Sims 2 stories and still show Newbie working on her careers.
      7: The 4 chapters posted are the only ones written.

  3. Kard says:

    Thank you for answering on 7 I meant on paper like a layout of the story, sorry I wasn’t more specific. And my bad on 8 I was so tired last night I forgot I left it blank. lol.

  4. Wow, this chapter was just … I have no word to describe it ! 😀
    I have a question : where did you download Bella’s dress ? :3

    Congratulations for that great work,
    Myshra –

  5. Nine Yellow says:

    That was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Seriously. I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER! Where did you download Erin, Kristen, Jill and Ripp’s hair?

    Ah, and my smile was getting bigger and bigger with every photo, ’cause I just adore Strangetown and love your point of view ❤

  6. I was hoping to read the next chapter, will there be more?

  7. ReiraKurenai says:

    I’m pretty sure I left a comment a few days ago, but knowing my computer, it probably never went through. Lol.

    Anyway, I completely missed this update and was really excited when I saw it was up. Your pictures are gorgeous, as always, and I love the eyes you used on Lola and Chloe. And that twist at the end! Can’t wait to see what you come up with. 🙂

    Lola is gorgeous by the way, especially her dress. Where did you find it, if you don’t mind me asking?

  8. Blu Paws says:

    Whoa, I wasn’t expecting that ending! I liked how you cleverly cropped her face out when you first show Lola. 😉
    Reading this makes me want to show more love to Strangetown. There were some great backstories there. It’ll be interesting to read about the rising tension between the Grunts and the Curious-Smiths.

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