Chapter 3


Writer Notes: Long over due! It was sort of difficult for awhile as my computer wasn’t with me. But enjoy nonetheless!

Warnings: adult situations, partial nudity, sparkles, plots, using people, and deception.


Rainelle Neegnia was on a mission.  After everything she had gone through, scratching and crawling up from the underbelly of society, she was this close to jumping on a jet and tanning on her own private beach.


All she had to do was betray the people who trusted her, destroy the reputation of her lover, and disclose the location of the Underground to her employer.  To say she was nervous would be taken lightly.


The Tricous were a powerful family.


They controlled the Underground, the secret world of supernaturals.  So their allies were just as “powerful.”


But their enemies were many too.  From law and order to more greedy reasons, they opposed the Tricous.  They wanted to expose the Underground and take it down.  But they knew they couldn’t do this from the outside, they needed an undercover agent.  Someone they would never expect.  Someone always overlooked.  Someone like Rainelle Neegnia.





Rainelle took a deep breath and tried to picture the glistening martini she would be drinking on her private beach.  Malcolm had promised it to her as a reward.  She hoped he lived up to their agreement.  She could face a lot of turmoil, but she didn’t know if she could take the heartache.  The warm sunshine would help with that.


Mostly she thought of Jon.  He had been easy to scam.  Rainelle knew how to handle herself and her looks.  Jon didn’t even look at her fake resume before he hired her as his assistant.  After all, Jon was not only famous for staring in movies, but also the tabloids.  Since his wife had mysteriously disappeared, he was constantly accompanied by different young women.


It wasn’t long before she was promoted from assistant to arm candy.



Malcolm explained specifically what her job description would consist.  Jon had to be completely entranced by her in his heart and bedroom.



The next step was making her way into the family.


Rainelle had been nervous about this step.  She could fool men, but a family?  Jon wasn’t the only one in this family that was extremely wealthy and loads of pulling way on the power chain.


Jennail, his oldest daughter, was a famous tattoo artist.  The younger generation adored her and made her shop their favorite hangout.


Nylissit was a runway model with her own fashion line that left clothing enthusiasts drooling.


The Ks, Jon’s son-in-laws, co-owned and operated the famous Cript’O Night Club, the hot spot for celebrities and a good time.


Each family “group” had their own style.  Rainelle would adapt to that style and bond with them separately.  For instance, Jennail’s group was quirky and liked things loud and energetic.


Nylissit’s group enjoyed the quiet, sophisticated side of life with tea and book reading.


Rainelle was surprised how quickly they had taken a liking of her.  It had been easy, too easy.  Something was up and she knew it had something to do with that elevator and what it went to.



“If it is a memoir in Bella’s honor, fine, but when I heard Malcolm Landgraab was producing it I knew this was just some lavish ploy against the Goth family.” Nylissit frowned. “That man doesn’t have a decent bone in his body!”



“He doesn’t care about ‘decency,’ just the money.” Kvornon scoffed. “Don’t you think everyone will go see it just to see what scandal Malcolm can impose?”


“True, it is a brilliant business plan.” Kiernan stated.  “But it is very insensitive. Mortimer will probably sue even if the movie is half way decent.”

“That’s probably just what Malcolm wants too.” Nylissit added.


“Have they announced who’s playing Bella?” Gvaudoin asked.

“Not yet, though  the magazines are throwing out possible choices.” Fricorith smiled into his mirror.  “I’m more interested in who will be Mr. Goth.”


“I wonder if it’ll be about her starting out and then becoming famous. Or while she’s working on her last movie and getting abducted.” Jennail grinned.  “Ooh, I wonder if they’ll have Don Lothario and her have an affair!”


“Wouldn’t that be just…weird.” Nylissit shook her head.

“Why?” her husband asked.

“I heard that Cassandra’s now dating Don.”


“I can see it now!” Jennail shrieked.  “Don and Bella have an affair. Cassandra kills her mother, not because she’s cheating on her father, but because she wants her lover! Oh, the scandal!”

Rainelle jumped when she heard the elevator beep.  Someone was coming down!



Spells and potions? The Tricous were known for their otherworldly ways.  It was nothing new to exploit them as the tabloids already had.


But what was this?


Rainelle hesitated.  Jon, she thought, what about Jon? He was good to her.  The family liked her.  She had everything she wanted here, didn’t she?


Malcolm would probably blackmail her though if she double crossed him.  He would ruin her, expose her.  The family would turn their backs on her.  Then what?  Back to the streets?  Never!  Beach, think about the beach.




She dropped the lid in a panic.  “His wife’s not missing. She’s dead! He kept her…on ice!”

“Rainelle, what are you doing in here?”


“Jon!” She quickly composed herself.  “Hiiiii, baby! I was just about to go find you.”

“I told you never to come down here.”

“Uh…oh yeah, silly me. Just thought I was back at the office or something. It’s weird having an elevator in the house, always makes me think about work.”


“Is everything all right, Jon?” Rainelle turned quickly to see who was behind her.


“Yes, dear.” Jon said very flat.  “I was just telling Rainelle, the one I talked to you about, that she must leave.”

“That won’t be necessary.”


“But Jennicor, she saw.”


“I’m sure she won’t be a problem.” Jennicor smiled. “Please go round up the children. They must know what has happened.”


Jon quickly rushed to his wife and grabbed up her hand for a kiss.  “As you wish.” he purred.

“What-the-hell is going on?!” Rainelle finally shouted.


“Your trial.”


Malcolm had been wrong.  Jon Smith was not the Tricou running the Underground.  It was his wife!  Jennicor sat in her high back chair and smiled at Rainelle, taunting Rainelle.  If ever she thought she was in control of exposing the Tricous, she was most sorely wrong.


“You see my dear,” Jennicor began.  “You are in a different world. You’re Human so you will not understand. And for that I will not fault you, but this is a trial. I am the judge and jury. I will think about your faults and weigh if…you should stay.”

“You mean live or die.” Rainelle snapped.  “You said that I’m Human and I wouldn’t understand. Isn’t Jon Human too?”


“Oh yes, he is, but Jon is a little different than you.” Jennicor looked at her husband.  “He’s my Human Servant.  He lives for me, obeys my every word.”


“You could say he’s my puppet.” Jennicor laughed.  “But he’s so much more than that. He’s my husband and the father of my children, which I thought so many centuries ago that I would never have.”


“Momma’s a big, bad Vampire if you haven’t noticed.” Jennail smirked.

“And so is your husband, my child.”



“And Kiernan?” Rainelle asked.  She always knew something was off about the Ks, but now it made sense.

“Werewolf.” Nylissit replied, looking like she was more likely to bite Rainelle than her husband.

“I prefer the term Lycan.” Kiernan honestly said.


So it means their children were hybrids.

“Blood is everything.” Jennicor said.  “They are my legacy, heirs to my kingdom.”

“And what about Jon’s others?” Rainelle questioned.

Jennicor raised an eyebrow.  “You have done some digging.”


“It was pretty easy.”

Jennicor nodded. “That’s what I wanted. The affairs are just to keep the public distracted from my disappearance.”


“Why are you telling me all this?” Rainelle had to ask.

Kvornan scowled.  “Didn’t you want to know the truth? We know you’re working for Malcolm Landgraab. That was easy.”

“Settle down, Kvornan. You’re scaring her.”


“I have made a decision.” she announced.  “You know too much, Rainelle. Not only the secrets of our family, but how we operate.”


“So you’re just going to make me disappear?” Rainelle inquired.  “You don’t think Malcolm will report me missing?”


“Why would he?” Kvornan countered.  “He would have to confess that he wants to get rid of us to take over the Underground that way he controlled everything. Do you think the SCIA would let that happen willingly?”


“Rainelle, my dear, you have been most useful.” Jennicor said tenderly.  “And it grieves me that you came to us this way, but I am certain you will be happy, depending on how you answer.”

Rainelle shook her head. “What?”


“My question is, Rainelle Neegnia, would you like to become a Tricou?”

Additional: In each chapter, I will try to feature a career that Pat Newbie is working on to keep with the Bustin’ Out theme.  In this chapter her featured career was Fashion Victim.  You can find information about Bustin’ Out and the main story’s careers HERE.


27 Responses to Chapter 3

  1. ASimmingGibbon says:

    Oooooooohhhh, shits going down in Simvalley, poor mort though Malcolm is truly, I need to know where you got all the Tricou’s clothes and rainelles too, because their amazing and btw where did you get Malcolm’s hat I found one but all It does is change his hair to black, phenomenal chapter can’t wait to find out rainelles answer and for chapter 4 This story is great please keep it up

  2. Blu Paws says:

    I thought it was lights out for Rainelle. I’m surprised she was given an out. She’s probably better off being a Tricou than Malcolm’s pawn.
    Beautiful set, btw!

  3. please help me to find grim reaper statue you use in your story…in basement of your version of tricou house… thank you.

  4. Isaia Tevaga says:

    Whats Rainelles outfit when she was a prostitute

  5. Isaia Tevaga says:

    thx i found it i love your series i just skipped through it again because im bored

  6. great says:

    so is this what and sharon chloe work as….

  7. Calum Daly says:

    WCIF Rainelle’s hair please? Thank you! 🙂

  8. Calum Daly says:

    Oh and Jennicor’s hair too please. thanks 🙂

  9. Mr. Rubino says:

    I like Pat Newbie insistently popping up at the fringes while this much bigger story happens around her. SBO didn’t have quite a big backstory, but it certainly seemed that way, with this odd person flitting in and out of people’s houses and workplaces with a new job seemingly every day while they deal with their own stuff.
    But: Unless it’s brought up later, I recognize the rest, but who’s the Inspector Tequila lookalike among the Tricou’s enemies?

  10. Sandra says:

    Nylissit curly blond hair please?

  11. NothingNever says:

    Your story is amazing! So much great CC and Clothes and hairstyles and so many more! Very captivating storyline and so much sex in it. I have a question: I’ve seen Fricorith biting a dude (after they smooched) during night in the same chapter when he broke up with Puck. When he broke up with Puck, it was daytime. He wasn’t beeing burnt by the sun when he got out of the house. And he’s pure vampire (not like Gvaudoin who’s part werewolf).

    Storytelling speaking, is his immunity to sun beacuse of his grandfather beeing a human (so he is part human, part vampire), or it was just a mod that you used?

    And if I don’t ask too many questions, wcif Fricorith’s hair and that tatoo with wings on his back (I’ve seen a picture of his tatto somewhere on your tumblr)?

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