Chapter 2


Writer Notes: Guys, this was one loooooooong chapter to shoot pictures for, almost record long.  I didn’t even do all the points I wanted to, but there’s just so much history in the Goth family and families around them.

Warnings: suggested content, depression, denial, arguing, wonky legs, pie, and really, really red walls.


Mortimer Goth had it all: the house, the car, top of his career, loving family and friends.  Everything everyone wished they could have.


Yet Mortimer Goth felt like he had nothing.


Without her.  Bella had been his light, his world from the moment they met.  They were the perfect pair.  Many feared her career would break them apart, but Bella stayed in the spotlight as the leading lady in all the movies and in Mortimer’s heart.


Then they had a family, a beautiful daughter named Cassandra and a little boy called Alexander.  The media ate it up, starting conspiracy-after-conspiracy that either Bella’s body would not bounce back after her pregnancies or she would not continue her career to take care of her children.  All were ridiculous, but none of them more severe as the one claiming Bella hated Mortimer for making her have the children she never wanted.


It was nonsense.  She could not love him more.


But what the media could no predict–what no one could predict–was how Bella’s scene was to end.








They arrested the young man, Don Lothario, for many just didn’t believe his story.  Aliens?  What would aliens want with a movie star?  But nonetheless Bella was gone.




Bella’s remembrance was a simple gathering of her closest friends and neighbors.



Mortimer knew this was to be a funeral, but there was no body to bury, no soul to lay to rest.  Was Bella dead?  Perhaps she would never return to SimWorld, but they did not know if she was truly dead or not.


Only one could know for sure.


With the words of the Reaper, Mortimer set out to hire the best alien trackers to find Bella.  He knew they were the best, not only as colleagues of his…


But because they were an alien-hybrid family.


He had every hope in their abilities to track alien craft whereabouts.  If they could find the one that took Bella, perhaps they could find her.  It would take months, maybe a year’s worth of spectating, but it would be worth it.


For now, though, it was back to day-to-day life.  He even joined a support group for spouses who lost their loved one.  But he only did it for Dina Caliente.


Dina had been married to Bella’s brother, Michael Bachelor.  Mortimer didn’t like the support group, but he did it for Dina.  She had been so good to him.  She even moved back to SimValley so she could help him with anything he needed.


But what he really needed to do was get back to work.  If there was one thing that could keep his mind off the things going wrong in his life, it was Science!



Cassandra was an intern there as well and he loved that his daughter had taken after him in a Science career.


But his daughter was not an easy one to figure out.  Cassandra was the quiet, mysterious type. Nobody ever knows quite what she’s thinking.


And yet she could “see” more than any of them.  She had learned as a little girl that if Aunt Dina came to visit it could mean one of two things, either happy tidings or really, really bad news.


This time as she predicted was bad news.


They had let Don Lothario go.  There was no evidence to support he had harmed Bella or caused her disappearance.  But what was more fascinating was Malcolm Landgraab showing up at his hearing and congratulating him on being free.


Don was just a confused by the situation as everyone else.  Of course, the media ate it up as Malcolm buying Don’s freedom.


But to Mortimer is was something much worse.  He would get no justice.  The police had given up the search for her.  Now it was down to him.


And the stars.



Life was a game, or at least, it had been so far.


But Cassandra was tired of playing this game alone.  She wanted a partner in crime, a Watson to her Holmes.  She had been searching for her match for awhile, but was getting nowhere.  It was like finding that one good book in the whole bookstore.


Others settled on a temporary fix that they may settle on in future or end Shakespearean style.


It would not be Cassandra though.  She would find her book and it would be full of pages written for adventure, scandal, but beautiful and long-lived. But just to find it.


“OK, you see that long yellow skinny thing with the point at one end and the pink squishy thing at the other? That’s a pencil. You use it to write on the flat white thing with lines printed on it.”


“I gotta go Heather. Don Lothario just walked in. Yeah, yeah, details, later.”


“Well, hey there Miss Sampson, got my book for me?” Don smiled.

“BYE HEATHER!” Tiffany shouted.  “Yes, Mr. Lothario, I’ll just got get it. I SAID BYE HEATHER!”






“There you are!”




Don was sure his heart had just leaped out of his chest.  But she was a Goth, just not the Goth he was thinking.  Cassandra, yes that was her name.  He should probably leave and go find Tiffany.

“That’s a good choice.”


“I’m sorry?” Don blinked at her.

“The book, you have good taste in literature.” Cassandra said.

“Yeah, sure, thanks.”  His head was spinning.  She obviously didn’t know who he was so he could just make up anything he wanted.  Sure, he was into big literature, all the big names.  He knew them after all, just through a quick read on the internet for picking up smart chicks.  Hell, he could even pretend to be some professor.


“Are you buying it?”

“Uh, the book, nooo, no no.”

“You know, odd forms of discomfort among others could be from general shyness or  a neurological displacement or even phobia of crowds. Which, I wouldn’t consider two a crowd, but science has shown certain people do.”


Don’s mind went towards medicine because that’s what he knew.  Yes, Donald, you’re a doctor, remember!  “It could be from many other things too like low blood sugar or too many chemicals in the brain. Sometimes just hormones.”

Cassandra smiled lazy and content.  “You could sweep a girl off her feet with such talk.”

“Mr. Lothario!”


“Found your book!”

“Uh, er, thanks Tiffany.”


“Oh, I see you found Volume 8: Search for a New Partner, great find, Miss Goth. Would you like me to check it out for you?”

“Yes, thank you, Tiffany.”


“I’m guessing you knew who I was from the beginning?”

“What girl doesn’t?” Cassandra smiled.


Don didn’t know if it was the neurological displacement she talked about or something else, but he had to ask her.  “Would you like to start this over sometime?”

“I’d love to.”


Maybe Cassandra didn’t see the hurt in it.  Don was innocent according to the law and she knew her mother would have never been involved with him.  So he was just another guy to her, but everyone else, even strangers, stared.


Cassandra Goth and Don Lothario.  Who would have guessed?













Cassandra’s life was actually taking shape.  She had a career, a great boyfriend, and a now a babysitter.


Things were definitely looking up.


But she had a feeling deep inside that trouble was just around the corner.









“Go easy on her, Morty. She might not know what she’s doing is wrong.”


“Alex, honey, why don’t we get you a bite to eat and watch a movie upstairs in your room? Would you like to watch Planet of the Freezer Bunnies?”


Cassandra was no fool.  She knew something was going on.  After all, the last time she had seen Aunt Dina this nervous was when they found out Bella’s case was dismissed as a lost cause.


“So…I’m guessing this is about Mom?”



“Then what?” Cassandra sighed.  “Do we have a problem at work?”

“What were you thinking?”

“…about work?”


“About Don Lothario!”



“Mary-Sue…Cassandra? What’s going on?”


“Nina,” Don breathed.  “Don’t worry, Cass, I’ll fix this.”


Don Lothario must have been out of his mind or really brave, or an idiot.

“Mr. Goth, I am glad that you came. And I apologize for this whole situation. Cassandra and I were going to tell you this week.  We had talked about it and…”


“Let’s cut to the chase, Lothario.” Mortimer growled.  “I don’t want Cassandra around you and I especially don’t want what happened to her mother to happen to her.”


Bella, Don should have known better. It was always going to be about Bella Goth.  He had already told the police and in a letter to Mortimer of what he knew about that night.  Bella had suddenly shown up at his door, demanding to use his telescope.


He was suppose to tell her no.  She had her own telescope at home.  But could he really deny Bella Goth what she wanted?  He should have, but how was he suppose to know the aliens would take her?


“I know there are no words that can express of how sorry I am about Bella. If I could bring her back, I would. If I could go back, I would have stopped her from looking through that telescope. Hell, I wouldn’t even have let her through the door, but I can’t change the past.”


“But this isn’t about Bella, it’s about Cassandra!” Don exclaimed.  “If you do this, if you won’t allow her to make her own decisions and try to control her, she will hate you for it. I can’t allow that to happen because I won’t to be the reason you two are estranged.”


Mortimer took a step back.  This was an all too familiar situation, except he was Don and Simis Bachelor was him.  Simis did not want Bella to be friends with Mortimer when they were growing up because he believed the Goth family was a bad influence.  But Bella was stubborn and she set out to do exactly what her father most feared.  She became a Goth.


Would Mortimer continue this circle of life?




“Dina, darling, I’m glad you’re here!” Mortimer smiled.  “You would have been so proud of me. I didn’t even hit him!”


“Dina, what’s wrong? What do you have behind your back?”

She sighed.  For once Mortimer was actually in a good mood and she was about to ruin it.


“Read the entertainment news headline.” Dina said, voice low.


“SimPictures announces Bella Goth movie!” Mortimer exclaimed.  “A movie produced by…”


“…Malcolm Landgraab.”


Additional: In each chapter, I will try to feature a career that Pat Newbie is working on to keep with the Bustin’ Out theme.  In this chapter her featured career was Mad Scientist.  You can find information about Bustin’ Out and the main story’s careers HERE.


18 Responses to Chapter 2

  1. Peter fitzgibbon says:

    OMG, it’s finally here I’ve been waiting so long, and I loved every minute and i like how you haven’t made the caliente twins evil gold digging sluts like most people and I love your portrayal of cassandra and mortimer my fav picture set was the library and I like how u brought the Tricou’s into it, will u being doin a family chapters like this for the moment??

    • Thank you bunches!
      I’m use to having loads of characters like in The Gang and AU. But I do think for this story it’s better to move conflicts and points through the families rather than just one character. Could you imagine just doing one character through this whole ordeal? It certainly wouldn’t work once we get to the Curious-Smith-Grunt chapter. OH MY!
      I like Skell’s universe and how she’s brought her characters, definitely the Calientes and Don, to life and three dimensional, but I’m definitely not using her story as a rubric or anything.
      The next chapter will be the Tricous. Just to tease you a bit 😉

  2. Blu Paws says:

    That Malcolm. I knew he was up to something. >:|
    I’m surprised Mortimer took the meeting with Don so well, even if the situation did remind him of Simis. “I didn’t even hit him.” lol. Hopefully he realizes the more he protests, the more Cassandra will want to be with Don.
    All these sets and pictures are so beautiful! I spent a creepy amount of time looking at all the shots.=O_O= Great update!

    • Oh my goodness! Thank you so much 😀
      I was trying to figure out the best solution for Mortimer allowing Don and Cassandra to be engaged (they are not yet in the story) because if he hates Don that much then I can see Cassandra a little hesitant on tying the knot. She has a brain about her after all and her dad is like the smartest guy around. And I think she’d have a hard time picking between them. SO I assume that they had an understanding, thus the Simis=Mortimer, Mortimer=Don situation.
      I definitely like the Malcolm persona of Bustin’ Out. You can expect lots of mischief from him throughout this story 😉

  3. Kard says:

    Hi mostdiabolicalpersona 🙂

    Sorry for the lengthy comment but you’re story is really good!! It reminds me of the stuff that Doons99p from YouTube (she had a great Pleasantview series) came up with back in the day. If you don’t mind I had some questions I’m just confused about a few things…

    [1] Why is Pat Newbie is a teen in some posts and an adult in others. Is she the same age or close to the same age as Cassandra, Don, Nina, Kaylynn, and Dina? (Personally I usually consider Cassandra, Don, Nina, Kaylynn, and Dina to be in their 20s?

    [2] How do you think Nina, Dina, and Kaylynn got involved with Don? I

    [3] Who is Nina kissing in the picture of Dina and Michael? Do you think Bella and Don were slightly attracted to each other?

    [4] Are you using clean neighborhood templates from meetmetotheriver?

    [5] How were you able to make Dudley and Mimi linked to Malcolm to where he was their father since when Open for Business is installed, Malcolm doesn’t have any relatives.

    [6] Do you have any plans for Veronaville?

    This is kind of random but I noticed how Pat’s last name is Newbie and then Brandi Broke’s father is Bob Newbie. I know there probably isn’t any connection between the two. Just a thought.

    • WOW thanks for the comment!

      1a: Pat is a teen only in the Prequel because at the beginning of the game in Bustin’ Out she lives with her mother. I made it sort of a “coming of age” with her getting a job so she’s 18 or so.
      1b: Ages of youngest to oldest: Cassandra, Kaylynn, Dina, Nina, Don. I’d think the Calientes and Don are close to the same age, if not the same. I put Cassandra in her college years 20-24, Kaylynn 25, Dina, Nina, and Don 26-28.
      2a. At this point Kaylynn doesn’t have any involvement with Don in my story so I’ll leave that up in the air, but I suppose game-wise, he met her through the maid service. I’d think Don, Dina, and Nina went to school together, maybe or maybe not high school, but definitely college.
      2b. Nina definitely hooked up with Don, but I think his experience with Dina was a swing then a miss. They kissed, but it didn’t go anywhere. Different scenarios can play with that: a dare, under the influence, etc.
      3a. Nina is kissing Don.
      3b. In my story Bella and Don are not at all attracted to each other. But, I would say that Don admires her in a way.
      4. Yes.
      5. Dudley and Mimi were born in-game between Malcolm and their mother (which I can’t reveal because of story plots).
      6. Veronaville, just like characters of Desiderata Valley and Sim State University will make cameos. The only one who will really be in the story at some point will be Titania, because she’s awesome that way 😉
      But this story doesn’t take place in any of those places. It’s in SimValley. Pleasantview and Veronaville, etc. don’t exist because they don’t go with the Bustin’ Out theme.
      7. No, there is no real in-game connection between Pat and Brandi. Though I guess you could say they were extreme distant cousins through the link in their last name, if you want. It won’t be addressed in the story.

      Thanks for this! Hope it helps others out there as well 😀

  4. Peter fitzgibbon says:

    I recently made a simblr and since you have such a big influence over the community I was wondering if you could follow me and tell people about it, I know it seems like a lot to ask but I would be so grateful, it’s called asimminggibbon since my last name is Fitzgibbon, I’m already a follower of your simblr . One more question, I use the in game camera, but the quality is much worse than yours, do you use a different camera and If you do could you tell me what it is? And who is the two guys kissing In back of the theatre?

  5. Wow, this is getting deep. It makes me think differently about these characters. Previously, I hadn’t paid them much mind except for Mortimer. He’s usually close friends with the sims I play.

    • Thanks so much for commenting! I’m glad you like it 🙂
      It wasn’t until a few years ago that I paid any mind to the premades, except the ones in the actual Bustin’ Out. I usually build my own neighborhoods and sims like for The Gang and Alternate Universe, but lately, I’ve been really enjoying the premades.

  6. I love your makeover of Gvaudoin. And, actually, this chapter is my favourite.

  7. Nine Yellow says:

    Uhuhu, it’s getting interesting! I love your story, and Morty’s “I didn’t even hit him!” made me laughing so hard XDD
    I’m happy he’s still searching for Bella and didn’t fall in love with Dina (…yet…?). I don’t like them together, maybe because ones of my favourites parrings are Bella/Morty and Mike/Dina.

  8. Ozero0 says:

    where is bellas drees from

  9. great says:

    wcif bells dress when she’s holding little alex

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