Chapter 1


Warnings: straight from game text, scene hopping, fire, and protesting


Ruthless. Cunning. Brilliant. Ridiculously wealthy. These are just a few words the locals use to describe the Landgraab Family, whose entrepreneurial ambitions can’t be stopped by anything but their own mistakes. When you have this much money, you’re your own worst enemy.


Not that Malcolm IV cares for what the locals say.  He’ll sit in his office with a glass of some expensive wine and count his money, oblivious to worries and troubles of middle-class folk.


He expected a lot out of service.  Many had ruined lives just because Malcolm thought his breakfast was too “toasty” or his dinner was not “romantic” enough.


Or that his kitchen counters did not shine enough for him to see his reflection.


But it was his children that caused him the most disdain.  Lazy and ungrateful, Malcolm threw them out as soon as they were legal adults, but not before cutting his losses and giving them what their “worth” to him was.


Dudley was able to buy himself a nice little trailer, a grand gesture towards his father to shame the family name.  A Landgraab living in a trailer park?  Malcolm was furious.


Dudley, being the friendly boy he was, acquired a lot of friends.  It seemed distancing himself from his father did in fact make him a hero in the eyes of the younger generation.


Or perhaps it was that they wanted free food.  Dudley was known for his excellent grilling skills and had locals intoxicated in the smells of grilled hotdogs and hamburgers.  Malcolm just stood by angry, but puzzled.  How had Dudley turned his exile into a life of luxury with barely having anything?


Perhaps Dudley was more a Landgraab than he liked to admit. He turned nothing into something and if that was not enough to impress you, just grab a hotdog.


But like a Landgraab, he often took things away from other people.  Maybe the younger generation looked up to him, but the older ones knew better.  He would always be a Landgraab.


Mimi took the absent of her mansion and life of luxury a little more seriously than her brother.  She did not care about throwing shame in her father’s face.


She rather throw a party.  She quickly became known as the “it” girl in parties from neighbors complaining about loud music…


…to rocking the floor at Club Rubb.  Mimi distracted herself from the troubles of being responsible.



She appeared to be happy, hopping from bar-to-bar, club-to-club.  Perhaps she was also distancing herself from the Landgraab name, by not having any ambition.


But there was a reason she kept her bangs just long enough to cover her brows.  Perhaps, just below the surface, Mimi was ashamed to be a Landgraab.


Did her father notice?  Perhaps, maybe not, he was hard to read.


But it was obvious to him that his children had taken a road against him so they were in fact his “enemies.”  Maybe the locals were right about that, a Landgraab’s worst enemy was a Landgraab.


Additional: In each chapter, I will try to feature a career that Pat Newbie is working on to keep with the Bustin’ Out theme.  In this chapter her featured career was Counter Culture.  You can find information about Bustin’ Out and the main story’s careers HERE.


10 Responses to Chapter 1

  1. Blu Paws says:

    This is such a great idea. I love the way you narrated this and shot the pictures. They are so animated. Looking forward to reading more. =)

  2. Peter fitzgibbon says:

    Wonderful chapter can’t wait for more 🙂

  3. You’re really good at taking pictures and building story. I’m intrigued.

  4. Great starter 🙂 I am hooked… I can’t wait to see what happens.

  5. Elisa says:

    Could their mother be a Tricou maybe?

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