Sims 2 Bustin’ Out

914846_51914_frontThe Sims Bustin’ Out is the second title in The Sims console series. This version of Bustin’ Out was released for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, Nintendo GameCube, and N-Gage. As the title suggests,Sims can get out of the house to visit other locations such as Shiny Things Lab or Casa Caliente, but only in Bust Out Mode. This option is not available in Freeplay Mode. There are two modes. Bust Out Mode which has mission based gameplay and Freeplay Mode which is open-ended gameplay very much like the original The Sims PC game. The PlayStation 2 version also features the option to play online, though EA no longer supports it as of August 15, 2008.

This story is going along with the idea of combining Bustin’ Out with the Sims2.  It will feature many of the Sims from the console game, but they will be mostly background, non-main characters.

Pat Newbie (default Sim of Bustin’ Out) is on a mission to take Malcolm Landgraab down, but this is just a side story.  She will be featured in almost every chapter doing scenes from Bustin’ Out.  The rest of the story will feature premade Sims of the Sims2, their stories, conflicts, and drama.  I’ve tried to be diverse in picking who’s going to be apart of the story.  Everyone from Pleasantview and Strangetown will be in it.  Select families from other neighborhoods will cameo.

However the setting is not in any premade neighborhood.  It is in SimValley from Bustin’ Out, just to confuse everyone 😉

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