Ruthless. Cunning. Brilliant. Ridiculously wealthy. These are just a few words the locals use to describe the Landgraab Family, whose entrepreneurial ambitions can’t be stopped by anything but their own mistakes. When you have this much money, you’re your own worst enemy.


If he were meant to be a good guy, he’ll probably be called “Benedict”. This malevolent landlord grabs all the land he can get, and punishes his delinquent tenants by repossessing their stuff.


Some people have all the fun. In fact, ONE person might have all the fun – Dudley Landgraab. He managed to buy a TON of fun stuff before his dad cut up his credit cards: a video game console, a hot tub, an air hockey table, a gas grill… you name it! His trailer is practically party central! Good laughs and bad manners. Tasteless decor and tasty burgers. It’s hard to tell what is up with Dudley, but he will never let you down.


And if you’re not partying over at Dudley’s, most likely you’re at Mimi’s.  She’s the “It” girl when it comes to bustin’ a move or having a good time.  Though her house is friendly, cheery, girly, and pink, Mimi is rather rude for no apparent reason, and if you move in with her, she will swear at you.


7 Responses to Landgraab

  1. Nine Yellow says:

    I just have to say Pat and Dudley looks gorgeous together! <33 Same with him and Mimi.

  2. Anna says:

    WCIF Mimi’s top?

  3. Tyler says:

    I am trying to get all these characters for my sims 2. I have made a copy of The Sims 2 Bustin’ Out Map, with all Lots,but the sims need improvement. Yours are superb! Where can I download them?

  4. Emilie says:

    Where I can find Pat Newbie clothes and hair ?

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