Was it just coincidence that the Caliente sisters arrived on the eve of Bella’s disappearance? And is their interest in Mortimer physical… or fiscal?


It is often said that Dina has a mind of her own, but she is quick to disagree. She likes chocolate and dreams of making it big.


Deeply connected to her Mediterranean roots, Nina likes exercise and bread pudding.


19 Responses to Caliente

  1. Peter fitzgibbon says:

    Where did you get nina and Dina’s clothes especially nina pants????? I love your story btw it is very clever

  2. Peter fitzgibbon says:

    Please reply I love the outfits

  3. Unfortunately I have no idea since I no longer have those specific outfits. Dina’s looks like hers maybe Senate or Trapping…I had actually put up Nina’s separates as a WCIF on tumblr a while back and got no replies. But since GOS is back up…I may be able to find them.

  4. Peter Fitzgibbon says:

    hello, me again, I’ve read your story over and over the prologue and such a brilliant idea and its pure genius, now I know it seems I’m kissing up to you to ask a wcif, I’m just wondering where you got Dudley’s hair? Sorry for being annoying and another sorry for being so demanding in the last wcif.

  5. I know that Nina’s shirt also came in white…and it had different options for the bra color…but I’ve searched and searched and still can’t find it. 😦

  6. Peter Fitzgibbon says:

    I love you, ur my idol, please continue ur amazing work, u make the sims 2 do impossible things, god I cry when I read peoples stories, especially yours and skellingtons, I really want to do my own but god, I’ll never have the time, but thanks so much for ur search, your really kind, btw Dudley and Mimi were and always will be my favourites and I tried using a downloaded Malcolm IV and Flo Delarosa and they turn out half as good so I’ve been wondering what female did u mix with Malcolm to get them? I know ive turned into a wcif ass and just ask u questions all the time and make it look like im going to copy everything u do, but im not I just really inquisitive on your great cc.

    • This is…just the most amazing comment ever! I don’t think I’m worthy of such kind words. I don’t think myself on the level of Skell. She’s amazing! But thank you, you definitely made my day!
      And don’t feel like you’re being a pain. You’re not. I enjoy helping other simmers if I can. Hey post your simmies, I’d love to see what you’ve done with them 😉
      I’m afraid I can’t tell you who’s Mimi and Dudley mother as it is one of the plots in my story 😀

      • Peter fitzgibbon says:

        That is not a problem at all I’m you’ve made me so excited now and I will make a livejournal and starting posting my Simmies so I be sure to follow me and spews it around please continue with teasers and make more chapters for ur brilliant genius story no one wud have ever thought of it please continue sims 2 bustin out and the gang, and the last comment sounded weird at first but if u thought of it the way I thought of it, it was in a much more excited tone. But I don’t know if my story will be as good as yours thanks for the encouragement

  7. Peter Fitzgibbon says:

    sorry I meant to say they DIDNT turn out half as good as yours

  8. Peter Fitzgibbon says:

    btw didn’t worry about Nina’s top I have something similar

  9. Nine Yellow says:

    What is the relationship between the girls? For me, they are together forever etc., but in your chapters they seem be a bit… I don’t know how to say it… different? Like, Dina’s tired of Nina’s irresponsibility and so on… but maybe I’m just getting it wrong or something 🙂

    • mdpthatsme says:

      The girls are close, but they do have differences. Dina was in mourning for a long time and Nina didn’t understand it and wanted Dina to lighten up and move on. That didn’t happen. So at times they are crossed with each other, like any family really.
      In my game I play Nina a little irresponsible, carefree of problems in reality. It’s not that she’s self-serving, but following her “Mediterranean” roots as mellow. Dina, since Michael’s death, has been taking life a little more seriously. She worries about the future and what’s in store for her. She feels lost and is occupying her time helping out Mortimer or other widowers. Nina doesn’t understand any of that.

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