Growing UP Don

So previously I posted the progression of Don and Nina’s relationship and I put a little more of their history in Chapter 6.  Well, this is just Don by himself, growing up, moving into his different styles.  It dates from before he met Nina to being with Cassandra…and a little something at the end 😉

Screen Shot 010

Screen Shot 012

Screen Shot 013

Screen Shot 014

 Screen Shot 019

Screen Shot 018

 Screen Shot 020

Screen Shot 021

Screen Shot 022

Screen Shot 023

Screen Shot 024

Screen Shot 025

Screen Shot 031

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6 Responses to Growing UP Don

  1. Shannon says:

    That’s a fun way to show it. Great poses.

  2. Annilea Moss says:

    I was just scrolling through this thinking, “Oh. That’s his ‘angry phase’. He looks so sad after he caught Nina cheating on him! Oh, there’s that awkward thing that happened before his ‘angry phase’ with Kaylynn. Aw, look at him and Cassandra! Ew, he doesn’t look happy with Nina. Ha ha! She [Nina] looks like she’s experiencing Aspiration failure in the last picture!”
    The first picture screams “Awkward Phase” to me, just sayin.

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