Teen Couples

I know that the next chapter of S2BO is a couple of months past due and that’s mostly because of hectic real life stuff and just not having time to work on it.

Plus, I do have two other stories.  Alternate Universe has actually been updated a couple of times and The Gang…well, it’s been a dry spell.  Also I have enter Designer of the Year (DOTY) at BlackPearl…and that has to have my full attention when it comes to priorities in the game.  But I decorate fast, really fast so most of the time I can have an entry done within a couple of hours.

Setting the scenes for a chapter, on the other hand, is a totally different process and a slow one at that.  Sometimes I don’t know what I’m doing or want to do and that eats up time as I’m trying to decide.  I will let you know that I have decided that Chapter 5 will mainly focus on the teens in SimValley.  There will be multiple different stories and some side scene interests, but the major families in this chapter will be the Pleasants and Brokes.  I will dig into both of their dramas.

You will also witness several side stories involving the teens and their relationships with one another.  For instance, the curiosities surrounding the tri-friendship of Johnny, Ophelia, and Ripp.  Many obstacles will be set before the teens: upcoming exams, sport tournaments, prom, and the ever lingering wonder of college.

With that, I have decided to give you all a heads up of who all is dating one another, plus some other insight that may not make it into the chapter.

Let’s start with the most obvious ones:


Dirk Dreamer and Lilith Pleasant have been together for awhile, but neither of their parents know that they are dating.  Why?  Is not apparent.  Maybe they think their parents will judge them some how?  Maybe they think the “fire” will be gone if they tell them?  Who knows, teen intelligence has never been too high.

On the other hand, Angela, Lilith’s twin sister, let the whole world know she was dating Dustin Broke.  Though he was thoroughly embarrassed, she wanted to let him know that she would never be ashamed to be his girlfriend.  But others didn’t react like she thought they would.  For instance, her father, Daniel, was appalled that his precious daughter was dating a thug from the Broke family.


Yep, there’s Romeo and Juliette.  Two teens that decided to go against the wishes of their rival families and date each other.  Will they be shunned, or will their love bring the families closer together?  If you know Shakespeare (and the real story), this can’t end well.


I know that my few tumblr posts regarding my OTPs of certain characters, threw a curve ball as to the future of Ripp Grunt, Johnny Smith, and Opehlia Nigamos. And may have upset a few of you.  Everyone has their views of certain characters and I’ll never be able to make all of you happy, but I do have to keep true to my view of the canon.  As such, these three will always have an extreme impact on each other’s lives.


In the last little post/update/thingamabob, I decided to show you a glimpse of the Townie teens.  Though Ricky Cormier is a Romance sim, he isn’t very interested in the two girls, Tosha Go and Ivy Couper, most interested in him and is getting quite bored of their bickering over him.


Ricky actually really likes Meadow Thayer, but she’s aware of what type a guy Ricky is.  Anyhow, Meadow has a big crush on Tiave Teens and him of her, but they’re both too shy to ask one another out.


So originally Hermia is suppose to like Mercutio (as Juliette likes Romeo), but I wanted a little more mingling outside of their original neighborhoods.  It just so happened when I summoned the teens on a lot, Orion went up to Hermia and they started flirting.  They have two bolts for each other and…I ship it.  Meanwhile, Puck still obsesses over Hermia from a far.

ScreenShot013 ScreenShot014

This is the year, everyone will feel totally pathetic.  Both Tybalt and Tank have a girlfriend and you do not. dun. Dun. DUN!!!  Though really I still think Tybalt is using Kestrel Teens as a cover up.  He’s waaaay into Mercutio and Romeo.  It’s a little disturbing.

ScreenShot017 ScreenShot018

Rounding it off, I found Loren Teens and Ginger Newson to be quite a cute couple, but not nearly as grand as Sophie Miguel and Orlando Centowski.


And this bunch, of course, is the singles.  When the majority of your classmates are your family, it’s pretty hard to date someone.  That’s the case for Patrick Teens.  Mercutio Monty is out to be everyone’s best friend, but he’s not real interested in the dating pool right now.  Neither is Gvaudoin Tricou or, her cousin, Fricorith, but that’s mostly because he’s too into his own reflection.

For Gvaudoin, I will say that she did have a relationship with Puck Summerdream in the past. Nonetheless, after his mother and her grandmother found out, it was a nightmare for the teens.  They were already planning their wedding when Gvaudoin broke off the relationship.  Puck had no hard feelings and they’re still good friends.

So that’s a little about the teens.  Hope to work on this chapter a little more this week and maybe get it posted by the weekend.  But no promises, guys.  My work week could change any given moment.

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10 Responses to Teen Couples

  1. Nine Yellow says:

    I like that you ship NPC teens, I’ve never seen this before. Tiave and Meadow are cuuuute ^-^

    Is there a mod/code for controling NPCs and/or more than only 8 Sims? I was looking for it, but I couldn’t find… :/

    • mdpthatsme says:

      Thanks bunches!
      I use Insimenator. It has a Family Tree component that allows you to add sims to the “family bin.” I did this with the teens so it bypasses the need for a spare mod of more than 8 eight sims on the lot. There are many mods just for that, but I’ve never been able to get them to work in my game.

  2. rhys says:

    when the next part s2bo coming

  3. rhys says:

    hi how do you change sims eyes hair etc because they have custom skins and eyes and where dina’s skin and eyes from?

  4. puppys says:

    and can I download dina and bella somewhere

    • mdpthatsme says:

      Ummm…well they are premades. Dina’s already in the game. I extracted Bella through simPE to get her into my game, but you can download them here: http://maxis-taste.livejournal.com/12428.html

      They will of course be maxis. I don’t see a purpose in putting mine up for download as they are exactly like the maxis except with custom content. You can find my default replacements on the Resources page.

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