The progression of Don and Nina


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11 Responses to The progression of Don and Nina

  1. Danielle says:

    Until seeing this I never imagined Nina as a shy(ish) girl. Now I could see her as the neglected lover of Don Lothario who just keeps holding on hoping that one day he’ll love only her.

  2. Nine Yellow says:

    For me, they’ll be together forever anyway. He might have thousands of lovers and she can be angry and push him away, but he loves (really loves) only her and she cries in the night when through the window she sees him with another girl. They’re perfect together and they’re my otp ❤
    Although their relationship is very complicated and strange.

  3. Person says:

    my nina married don and had a daughter and a son both cute as hell i made nina a family sim don knowledge and they lived happily ever of course before his fateful marriage to nina and there children Trina and Zack he had bella goth when he knocked up cassandra who married darren and had darleen jr who’s the cutest bella jr is beautiful just like her grandmother who returned remarried mortimer and had maria and bella jr is dating skip broke name after his father more commonly none as unborn baby broke beau became a womaniser and dated meadow thayer the before mentioned beautiful trina lothario and few cute townie girls alexander and lucy in college in love burbs fine had a new baby mary sue and daniel i don’t crazy dina married malcom cheat on him like 8 time i resurrected darleen dreamer so she could marry resurrected michael bachelor pleasant girls became besties and married there teen romances there both preggers and i have plans for the toddler Zack and toddler Maria sure Maria may be his half sisters aunt but still and i killed that maid she’s a mean husband stealer and became boring so she’s dead her son lives with daniel and mary sue now but dan still cheats with dina his new cute red head maid an when they were divorced she had a baby with another man he so cute buy the way sorry for this comment more like novel my pleasantview is confusing its like the show lost

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  5. Lilly says:

    i’m suddenly aware that your blogs are a year old, but i’m gonig to comment anyway! i always have nina and don eventually get together (after both get around town a bit!) and i always feel like they’re actually chill friends and work great together 🙂 they never get married but i believe they have a kid in my game usually.

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